Wednesday, June 14, 2006

it's been a while....

A very long while. I have been quite busy working and recently returned from a wonderful trip to Italy. I am going to make an effort to update here with daa glass related info along with a few personal thoughts, photos, etc. I have a lot of ground to make up so I will get started now.
I picked up a lot of new stores so be sure to check them out if they are in your neck of the woods.
New York
American Folk Art Museum45 West 53rd St-NYC
Privada4232B Broadway-NYC
Femmegems 280 Mulberry St-NYC
Inside Out144 Havemeyer St-Brooklyn
Green Cottage1204 State Route 213-High Falls
Suzzbella :: Piccadilly Square3107 Franklin Rd-Roanoke
Alpaca International 206 Main St-Annapolis
Blanca Flor 10231A Old Georgetown Rd-Bethesda
Femmegems19a East Putnam Ave-Greenwich

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Raquel said...

It was about time! any chance we will get to see pictures of sexy "David"? even is it's the fake one.