Monday, June 22, 2009

monday, monday

Another rainy weekend for the north east and another muddy show for daa glass. Thanks to all the shoppers who came out to support the artists and artisans in Montclair, NJ this weekend. daa glass actually had a great show despite the weather.

Friday night I tried to prepare for the show by getting a pair of Hunter rain boots. Although they are a little pricey for what they are, I rationalized buying them with the fact that I keep ruining my shoes working outside in the rain. I have been wanting a pair of these for some time now, so I hit the mall, excited to splurge. What a let down when I heard they had nothing in my size. I figured I would order a pair online. But then I was thrown for a loop. I am almost embarrassed to say I borrowed a pair of Crocs. I have been avoiding these shoes for years now due to they way they look, but needed something for the mud. Well, I have to admit...they are great. So comfortable, easy, and carefree. Bring on the mud with these shoes on. Such relief. I will be ordering the ballet flat style this week.

Back to work now. The upcoming week will be full of long studio hours due to 2 large reorders. So again the website will be put off for a few days...but soon enough we will post it's almost there...almost!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well lots of time has past since the last posting. There is so much to update and just so little time in the day.
Daa glass recently shipped to a few new stores.
One highlight is the Dorflinger Glass Museum located in White Mills, PA. This museum is dedicated to preserving the magnificent glass in White Mills from 1852-1921. With over 900 pieces, the Dorflinger Glass Museum is recognized as having the largest display of Dorflinger glass in the nation. The museum is located on the grounds of the Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary has miles of walking trails to enjoy anyday of the year and in the summer months it hosts a wonderful music festival. (dates and details can be found on thier website) The entire town is historic so why not make a day trip of it. For details about White Mills and the glass museum visit their site by clicking here.
Gotta get back to the torch now but will be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

making the best of it

I love rainy days for the soft and bright light they create. To my eye, there is not a more beautiful light. It seems in the month of May most weekends were rainy and I was outside working in them (see below post). One of these days I decided to make the best of it by using what nature provided and taking some photos of recent one of a kind pieces. I uploaded some of the photos I took this day, along with some others from a different day, to the daaglass facebook page. Please try to ignore the mediocre composition of the photos as most were taken on the fly. If you like the work become a fan and stay connected to daa glass :)

Throughout the year daa glass creates many one of a kinds for the retail shows and for exclusive galleries and boutiques. If you would like to have a custom one of a kind piece made for you please contact daa glass.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

right in time

Happy Memorial Day!!!!
And HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the custom necklace created for Compliments Gallery in Kennebunkport Maine and I LOVE it!!!! The amethyst was switched out for aquamarine and it is a serene mix. Although difficult to find and much more pricey than the amethyst, the aquamarine creates a more summery relaxed feel and I am diggin that vibe for this coming season.

Do you love this necklace too? Stop in and "compliment" ;) Clint who asked for the switch. Perhaps daa should hire him in the design department....or at least as a consultant.

Compliments Gallery
Dock Square
Kennebunkport, ME

Friday, May 22, 2009

another week already?

Woah....sometimes time really flies by, as it just did this week. I swear I was just in the city yesterday, but reality that was Sunday. So obviously it was a crazy week at daa glass. Full of unexpected events and exciting opportunities.
On the "side" I am struggling to get the new site finished. Not that it is such hard work, as my html skills are average at best, but just so tedious and time consuming. It is crazy how one little number or letter mistake can throw off a whole page. Either way, the new site is on it's way....I swear I will have this done by the end of June and it will have lots of new work and new ways to shop daa. I can't wait to share it with the world.
Speaking of sharing my work......a new shippment is going out today. Many, many bambinos, including the new larger versions are heading up to per Simmons in Norwell, MA. Also included in the collection are coordinating earrings from the birthstone collection. There is a whole world of color inside each of these earrings. Stop in and check them out if you are nearby.

per Simmons
293 Washington St

Friday, May 15, 2009

on their way....

Today is my favorite kind of day. After a week full of long studio hours I get to ship out a lot of work to some pretty fantastic places around the country....even sometimes around the world!!!
Three highlights today!
++One package is heading out to a catalogue company in Minnesota. This is a super exciting opportunity for daa glass. Can't wait to see the necklace in print!!!
++Also a cute shipment to a gallery in Dover, DE is on its way! This is full of charming bambinos and the adorable new hearts!! Pink, Red Purple, Blue....they've got one just for you. :) If you are in the Dover area stop in at 59 South Governors or you can shop online at
++Last and certainly not least is the stunning collection being sent to Kennebunkport ME. This is the first shipment to Compliments Gallery in Maine and daa is proud to be part of their prestigious gallery. All of the jewelry is part of the Signature line and therefore all use the Precious Metal Fuming Technique. These pieces are spectacular. If you are in or are going to be vacationing in the Kennebunkport area, I highly recommend paying this gallery a visit. They have a well edited selection of art and artisan work. They are located on the corner of Dock Square and Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport and are open daily between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Or visit their site at

Sunday, May 10, 2009

a happy mothers day

This morning I woke up to the sounds of baby birds chirping outside my kitchen window. It was really quite sweet and felt just right on this mothers day. I took a moment to enjoy the sounds of nature and to stop and think about of all types of mothers who work so hard day to day to raise their babies right.
Then I "opened" the kitchen and prepared a big brunch, with much help from my brother in law, for my sister and mom. I love a table full of food surrounding by friends and family, just as it was today. It was a beautiful morning.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

birthday party!

My nephew is turning one at the end of the month and my sister and brother in law are throwing a little party in his honor! The first task assigned to me was to help find invites. Searching online, I came accross the tiny prints website and presto.....many adorable designs to choose from. They edited them down and found a perfect option and went with it.

I love this site with such fresh fun designs. I will order from here when I need stationery in the future. check it out for yourself.

Monday, May 04, 2009

back to blog

I've truely neglected this blog for the past 2 years or so. Oh so sorry. I am now making it a point to show this lovely little blog a lot more love.
I am still recovering from a crazy weekend of double-y booked shows which was hard enough to work with. The killer of the weekend though was the weather. Cold and Rainy. It was one big cold mess, full of soggy displays and buckets of mud. My muddy uggs pretty much sum it all up. At the end of the day daa glass still did well - I am always amazed at the folks who come out to the shows dispite the pouring rain. The die hard art and craft shoppers. I truely have a special place in my heart for them.

My studio is now crammed with two half opened 10X10 tents so that they can dry out and lots of fabric and mannequins scattered in random places to air out also. It's not an easy place to manuver around in.

Even though this past weekend was a killer and the next few days are still pretty messy I truely love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything else.