Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well lots of time has past since the last posting. There is so much to update and just so little time in the day.
Daa glass recently shipped to a few new stores.
One highlight is the Dorflinger Glass Museum located in White Mills, PA. This museum is dedicated to preserving the magnificent glass in White Mills from 1852-1921. With over 900 pieces, the Dorflinger Glass Museum is recognized as having the largest display of Dorflinger glass in the nation. The museum is located on the grounds of the Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary has miles of walking trails to enjoy anyday of the year and in the summer months it hosts a wonderful music festival. (dates and details can be found on thier website) The entire town is historic so why not make a day trip of it. For details about White Mills and the glass museum visit their site by clicking here.
Gotta get back to the torch now but will be back tomorrow.

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