Friday, May 15, 2009

on their way....

Today is my favorite kind of day. After a week full of long studio hours I get to ship out a lot of work to some pretty fantastic places around the country....even sometimes around the world!!!
Three highlights today!
++One package is heading out to a catalogue company in Minnesota. This is a super exciting opportunity for daa glass. Can't wait to see the necklace in print!!!
++Also a cute shipment to a gallery in Dover, DE is on its way! This is full of charming bambinos and the adorable new hearts!! Pink, Red Purple, Blue....they've got one just for you. :) If you are in the Dover area stop in at 59 South Governors or you can shop online at
++Last and certainly not least is the stunning collection being sent to Kennebunkport ME. This is the first shipment to Compliments Gallery in Maine and daa is proud to be part of their prestigious gallery. All of the jewelry is part of the Signature line and therefore all use the Precious Metal Fuming Technique. These pieces are spectacular. If you are in or are going to be vacationing in the Kennebunkport area, I highly recommend paying this gallery a visit. They have a well edited selection of art and artisan work. They are located on the corner of Dock Square and Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport and are open daily between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Or visit their site at

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