Friday, May 22, 2009

another week already?

Woah....sometimes time really flies by, as it just did this week. I swear I was just in the city yesterday, but reality that was Sunday. So obviously it was a crazy week at daa glass. Full of unexpected events and exciting opportunities.
On the "side" I am struggling to get the new site finished. Not that it is such hard work, as my html skills are average at best, but just so tedious and time consuming. It is crazy how one little number or letter mistake can throw off a whole page. Either way, the new site is on it's way....I swear I will have this done by the end of June and it will have lots of new work and new ways to shop daa. I can't wait to share it with the world.
Speaking of sharing my work......a new shippment is going out today. Many, many bambinos, including the new larger versions are heading up to per Simmons in Norwell, MA. Also included in the collection are coordinating earrings from the birthstone collection. There is a whole world of color inside each of these earrings. Stop in and check them out if you are nearby.

per Simmons
293 Washington St

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