Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Fun!

This weekend daa headed up to Warwick, NY to spend time with friends and catch the Warwick Summer Arts Festival. If anyone is in the area and looking for a nice afternoon with friends or family consider it. Warwick on a normal day is a great desination, but from July 7th - July 16th, it has extra appeal. They are having art shows, workshops, and music performances. There is also something called The Mannequin Project going on in conjunction with the festival. There are 30 mannequins throughout the town which have been a blank canvas for local artists. The theme for these creations is "peoples impact on the environment." It is fun to spot the mannequins around the town and interesting to see what the artists have come up with. The photos above are a few of these mannequins. The only thing these lovely ladies were missing was a little daa glass...hehehehe. For more info about the festival link to or

Also this weekend daa was rooting for Italia!!!!! And WAHOOOOOOOOOOO they won!!! Daa will miss the World Cup but is happy their favorite team won!

Summer sale coming soon!!!!!

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